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Through its active network of offices ADRA is active in more than 130 countries, with developing programs for long-term development and emergency relief.

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ADRA is changing the world through a range of programs
and initiatives in nine key areas of influence.

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We strive to integrate the marginalized population into society, and to upgrade the existing infrastructure.

We start with emergency aid and long-term support for recovery and development in the areas most affected.

Promote economic opportunity and progress through training to acquire vocational skills, market access, secure lines of credit, and education revenue management.

We provide protection for vulnerable children through nutrition, a safe environment and support programs of education.

We change behaviors related to health, improve the quality of health resources and provide access to health services.

Provide access to drinking water, hygienic sanitation facilities and educate families and communities about hygiene practices are vital for good health.

We work with communities to Amalia risk of hunger through sustainable methods of providing food, preventing the wrong diet and distribute food in times of crisis.

We enable long-term safety of food and income through sustainable agricultural practices, livestock management and improvements in fundamental infrastructure.